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LOYAL LLP was established to import and distribute a wide range of ELECTRONIC INSECT KILLERS and MOSQUITO KILLERS under its' own home brand, iZAP, for more than a decade. Today, we have models for every market segment; be it Domestic, Industrial, Commercial or Food & Beverage. We offer Cost-Effective solutions for Mosquito related concerns to meet our customers' Lifestyle, Requirements and Budget. A MOSQUITO KILLER in our tropical climate is a Necessity and not a luxury item. We have been supplying to buyers in Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Brunei and envision to spread our Brand to other parts in the region.

LOYAL LLP, under its' umbrella, oversees the operations of AQUAFISHTANKS as the Sole Agent and Distributor for DECO O and PANO HD Lifestyle Desktop Aquariums. Another product to Liven up your Environment. We are also able to CUSTOM MAKE FISH TANKS based on your dimensions, colour and design. Please contact us for more information.

We feel a Home should be a Haven, a place where one returns to after a long day at work, a place that is Tranquil & Calm, a place that is like no other. It is with this Vision that we felt that our range of Fish Tanks will offer that perfect ambience in any Environment.

Our Philosophy

What is our Value Proposition?
  1. Customer First

    At Loyal, we looked into our own values of Safety for ourselves and our families when we decided to focus our attention on a range of Insect Killer products.

  2. Innovative, High-Quality Electronic Zappers

    The mission of Loyal LLP is to be the leading provider of Innovative, High-Quality Electronic Insect Killers while broadening our other product lines.

  3. Well-Tested Products

  4. 1 Year Warranty

    Please visit our eWarranty page to submit your Warranty.

  5. Online Support

    We believe in providing our customers fast turn around time in all their queries.
    Do submit your queries on our Contact page.