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Our mission is to be the Market Leader and Provider of Innovative, High-Quality Electronic Insect Killers while broadening our other product lines. We will remain committed to a Customer First Attitude and will Strive to meet the expectations of our Customers in terms of offering High Quality products at Reasonable prices through technology upgrade, value proposition and a deep concern for Customer Satisfaction. Our products go through rigorous testing procedures and conform to the highest International Standards.

Customer Satisfaction
We treasure each and every Customer. They are our lifeblood and we try to deliver Customer Satisfaction to the best of our abilities. We are continually learning and do err at times, however; we endeavour not to disappoint our customers. Should we 'goof up', we humbly request that we be given an opportunity to make amends by way of free exchanges or even free give aways. We offer one year warranty on all our products.

Integrity is Everything. What we say, we do and the promises we make, are promises we keep.

Continuous Improvement
We constantly seek Improvement on our products, services and ourselves. Our greatest enemy is Complacency whilst our greatest teacher is our Customers, who guide us along with their feedback and choices.

We welcome New Ideas and Embrace Change.

We remain dedicated to our customers whilst focusing on our goals to better our quality and range of products.

Via our brands; "iZap" and "Deco O", we undertake to maintain total customer satisfaction through our products and services in an attempt to enhance our long standing relationship with our customers.

iZap brand of Insect Killers is Imported and Distributed by LOYAL LLP as part of our Consumer Lifestyle Health products.

Living in a tropical climate and with the recent outbreak of dengue fever in Singapore, we felt that a good Insect Killer is a must in every household. Hence, we came up with our own innovative brand- iZap - which is Safe, Effective, Portable, Eco and Pocket-Friendly.

The product utilises UV-A light which is both Safe and Effective in attracting flying insects, which are then zapped off immediately. There are no toxic chemicals involved and the product is environmentally safe. Moreover, it works silently on low energy levels, making it an economical way of eliminating flying insects.

Our product is suitable for use in homes, offices, shops, etc. We envision to be the number one selling brand in Singapore and Asia in due course.

1) Our factory specialises only in the manufacture of a wide variety of Mosquito killers for Domestic and Industrial applications.
2) The UV-A tubes come from an OEM factory who also supplies to Philips and Sylvania, just to name a few.
3) The factory has attained an ISO 9001 certificate and the products have CB Test certificates which are recognized by SPRING, Singapore.
4) Via our brand name "iZap", we strive to reach out to our customers with our message "Live Safe - Love Life"