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I think iZAP's mosquito killers have been effective in trapping mosquitos. Also the plastic mesh makes cleaning under running water to be very convenient. I am looking into buying another 2 units.

Derek Kiong

We had been using iZAP electrical insect killer for a couple of years. It has been very effective and I have recommended it to friends. Together, we have bought at least 5 sets of it. Recently, we have decided to buy a bigger set for our living room, and chance upon loyal H30A. The sticky pad is said to last for 3-4months, but we could not keep it that way, as the pad gets filled up completely with insects within two weeks!

We are simply marvelled by its effectiveness, and decided to buy a second set. The only drawback is the gap which allowed lizards to get stuck onto the sticky pad. But, after a while, I think the lizards communicated among themselves, they had not appear for many months since.

Thanks for giving us such an effective insect killer option. We should be using iZAP for many years to come.

Sin-Min, Hsu

Thank you for your email. We were satisfied by the insect killer although we found it not as efficient as the Fortra 2, maybe because it is smaller.

Richard Chang

Hi. I'm doing fine and your mosquito trap has killed many flies. I was wondering though- does it emit mosquito attracting substances too or is it purely the light? I still get bitten from time to time actually which is a little frustrating- but I can't expect perfection-

Sing Chuen